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One step at a time

Ekam- step one - inhale raise your arms.

Dwe - step two - exhale fold forward.

Trini- step three - inhale head up.

Chatuari - step four - jump back.

Just like that, one step, one breath at a time, you build a whole structure, a whole practice. 1 simple step, 1 breath, coordinated in 1 movement. That's all it takes to begin something, one step followed by the next. You have a guideline, you have a structure, within that structure there is freedom of prana, or breath aka life force, movement. Within that sealed, outer structure, you find infinite, inner freedom. Who said there can't be freedom within structure? Can there be freedom without structure? True freedom stems out of stability. Stability comes from structure. It's only when we can feel solid support within ourselves that we can spread our wings and find the freedom to lift off. The practice offers this outer structure, which over time moves inwards and provides a solid sense of inner grounding. Once that's there the freedom happens inwardly. It's up to each one of us to feel it and to choose to live in it.

Freedom comes from being in the moment. Structure is a platform for action, action is being physically, mentally and emotionally engaged in the moment. It's easy to forget and to blame exterior circumstances for making us feel stuck, but essentially feeling free or stuck relies on our own ability to feel inwardly stable enough to sustain being engaged in the moment. And in the moment we can find freedom. In the moment we can find choice. Practice reminds us that taking it one step, one breath at a time we can access that freedom.

Do you have a practice? Do you want to build a practice? Do you want to deepen your existent practice and take it to another level? Join me on my upcoming retreat this Colombus Day Weekend. Details here

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