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Healing Anorexia

Healing Anorexia Through Ashtanga Yoga Mentorship

Having suffered from anorexia for over ten years and having tried all types of healing methodologies, Bibi feel passionate to stand as an example of the healing properties of Ashtanga Yoga. It wasn't until she began practicing Ashtanga Yoga that recovery began to happen at a very deep level. It has not been an easy journey, but an arduous, slow process of acceptance, of deep looking, of hurt, of mourning, of isolation that finally lead to rebirth. ​


Bibi is on a mission to educate people around the world on how to use the practice of Ashtanga yoga as a method of recovery from eating disorders. She is a firm believer of the healing properties of this practice as she herself recovered through it. Ashtanga Yoga helps connecting with the deeper parts of our being to create true lasting transformation.She is here to support you personally and collectively.​

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