Longing and the feeling of lacking

There will always be something we lack, something else we want that we don't have. The practice is to be able to see what we do have. I observe myself often longing for something i don't have; when I get absorbed by that mindset I notice I exist in a state of depletion. If I can stop to notice a beautiful leaf, the way the sun hits my deck early in the morning or in the evening, the way I feel when I water my plants, the way the water moves when something is dropped in it...basically when I can be in the details of the present moment I seem to forget what I longed for a few minutes earlier, my mind is no longer fixated on what isn't but rather absorbed in the beauty of what is right now, so

On filtering

What are we looking for? My therapist always talks about being aware of where I place my anxiety. He says that when we as humans can't sit in the discomfort of not knowing, of feeling unsettled, alone, disgruntled, fearful, ect we tend to look for an exterior place where to park our anxiety. Yoga asanas are meant to help us to get a handle of our nervous system, help us to become aware of our reactions to what is coming at us, and moving through us, of how we process what is coming in, and what we choose to let go of or hold on to. Asana practice makes us aware of all the processes in our physical body but also our psyche. The more we practice and use practice as a means to observe ourselve

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