Building a step at a time

While rebuilding a house I relearned that you have to do things in a specific order and if you skip a step, you most likely will have have to go back. This is what I had heard my teachers say when I was first learning asana, and later learned is an integrated part of learning the different series of ashtanga yoga. In order to be able to do kapotasana you have to learn to do surya namaskara a - to learn to synchronize breathing and movement. You learn to it for one set of suryas then you learn to do it for another set of 5, then you learn to carry that through into standing postures, seated postures and progressively complex asanas. You learn the stand and balance evenly on one foot, you grad

Summer Routine

Summer, like all other seasons, has it's own traits in Ayurveda. Depending on your 'dosha' or constitution, you may experience a sense of ease and harmony in the hot summer months, or on the other hand the heat may throw you off balance, irritate or bog you down. For example, if you are a naturally prone to be hot or overheat easily you may prefer cool weather and you may love the winter, but will feel discomfort as in the intense heat of summer. On the other hand, someone who like me tends to have cold hands and feet and takes a long time to warm up naturally in the winter, will be a challenge by winter temperatures and love the heat of summer. Through small adjustments to diet and routine

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