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Shraddha: an attitude of faith

The path is not always linear, but if you quiet the senses, quiet the mind, create a little stillness outside of yourself and within yourself; a little clarity will begin to arise. Just enough to allow you to see the bends, and obstacles, as an integrated part of the path.

In that quiet, in that silence, the bends lose a little bit of the stigma or the intimidation, and all begins to seem as though it is perfectly placed. If you quiet yourself enough, you begin to feel that all you need really does reside within yourself. These practices are methods that we have been gifted through age and time to be able to quiet everything so that we can remember and access this great courage, great willpower, great ability for love, compassion, and kindness. With these tools, we can embrace, move through and allow whatever arises on the path. Perhaps not with ease or joy, but nonetheless with a wider awareness and faith.

Written by Bibi Lorenzetti


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