What Is Sadhana?

“Yoga as union, which means overcoming the divided self. Separation is the opposite of union, and the ultimate separation, which has affected all of us, is the mind in separation from its essential nature.” says Deepack Chopra in the forward of Eddie’s Stern book ‘One Simple Thing’, “For all its current popularity, yoga in India is entangled in mind-numbing intricacies, philosophical controversy, endless wrangling over ancient texts, competing teachers and systems, on and on. I deeply admire Eddie Stern for bringing clarity and compassion to such an unholy mess - the future depends on such clarity and compassion.” I want to invite us all to take a moment be clear on what we are practicing, s


I was tending to my garden this weekend and I realized this growing sense of discomfort growing inside of me. All kinds of things got in the way of me being able to repot a plant into the ground. Poison ivy, weeds, roots underground, rocks...As I was cleaning up this chaos to prepare the ground for the flowers, I realized this sense of frustration and discomfort taking over and reminded myself that this is part of tending to the garden, it's a process, this was part of the task which I did not take into consideration because I knew it was an uncomfortable situation. The mistake I made was to walk into the action thinking about the end result, rather then foreseeing having to deal with disco

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