On Healing Anorexia Part I

This week I'm sharing with you the first of a five part video series I just released 'On Healing Anorexia Through Ashtanga Yoga'. This a topic that often feels very taboo in the yoga community, and yet there are so many women and men suffering from it. Having struggled with an eating disorder myself for over 13 years, and having tried all kinds of therapies and healing methodologies along the way, I stand today proud to say that it wasn't until I began to practice Ashtanga Yoga seven years ago that my healing process began. I stand today free of an anorexic mind thanks to a steady, devoted, sincere practice. The journey into wholesomeness is never easy and it never ends; once you begin uncov

Performing work in this world

"Sri Krishna defines yoga in a single word, samatvan: 'to be equal', to be completely serene. This is yoga. The man established in yoga, the illuminated man, is equally loving to those who support him and to those who attack him, equally concerned about the welfare of all around him, regardless of their attitude and actions. The one person I have seen in life who never allowed himself to be shaken by the attacks of unfavorable circumstances was Mahatma Gandhi, who is a source of inspiration to how you and I can free ourselves from dependence upon public applause and appreciation. Following Gandhi's example we can develop such calmness and such confidence in the Atman that during reversals of

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