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About This Mentorship

This mentorship is specifically designed for teachers who have completed a 200 HR. training or experienced practitioners who are looking to develop their assisting skills in a Mysore self-practice setting. This program will provide 200HR. graduates and experienced practitioners with a platform to continue or deepen their studies and understanding of teaching. 


The mentorship is meant to create a bridge between what you have learned in your teacher training or through observation of your own practice and teaching by gaining hands on experience in classes, refining teaching skills and studying one on one with Bibi. This program is designed to make participants confident in their adjustments and understanding of practice. 


During the mentorship you will learn a variety of hands-on assisting techniques, verbal cueing, and how work with injuries.






  1. Assisting Bibi in once a week followed by observations and questions to be discussed with Bibi. 

  2. A one-hour private session with Bibi once for the 3-month session; Two (2) one-hour privates for the 6-month session.

  3. Weekly assignments, observations, and feedback.

  4. Hands-on practice on Bibi every other week of new adjustments learned. 

  5. 5% off monthly class pass during the time of mentorship.

You will learn how to:

  • Adjust all postures of the primary series, and some of the second series postures (if you have been practicing second series for over a year).

  • Communicate/Cue adjustments verbally.

  • Properly pronounce the Sanskrit names of all the postures of primary series.

  • Count the vinyasas in Sanskrit. 6 month program only.

  • Properly chant the opening and closing mantra.

  • How to adapt postures for pre and postnatal, seniors, and injury.

  • Keep track of the development of your own home and studio practice.

  • Mentees are expected to practice with Bibi at least one or two times per week at either location. Mentees have to observe class at least once per week.

  • A minimum of 3 months but may not apply for more than 6 months*

  • Practicing with Bibi at least two times per week

  • Weekly class observation

  • 1 day a week assisting for the last 10 minutes of class

  • 200 hr. teacher training or 3 years of ashtanga yoga practice with an authorized teacher and completion of the primary series of ashtanga yoga.

  • (Suggested) A trip to Mysore, India. Can be put on hold if needed.

Meet every other Thursday after practice. Weekly hands-on practice in class, observations, questions, and practice.

Week 1: basics on adjustments

Week 2: vinyasa count sun salutes

Week 3: how to adjust standing and count standing

Week 4: how to adjust seated and count seated

Week 5: how to adjust finishing and count finishing

Week 6: Teach a half led and questions


*This program does not qualify you to teach a Mysore program. 

$1,200 | 3 Month Mentorship For Teachers Only

Meet every other week for 3 months, assisting weekly. 

6 Month Mentorship - Inquire For Pricing
Meets every other week, assisting weekly.

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