Taming the 'Monkey Mind'

Nirvichara vaisaradye dhyatma prasadah (Sutra 1.47) Then the individual begins to truly know him or herself. What are the consequences of achieving this ability to direct the mind? As the correct comprehension of the object being held int he mind begins to enrich us, we also begin to understand our very being. Patanjali talks about perception object of perception, and the relationship between the observer, the perceived and the object. Depending on the clarity and quality of our minds this relationship will vary. As the observer if your mind is unclear, and run around my emotion your perception and therefore experience of the perceived object will be veiled by the emotion. As the observer if

Winter Season & Winter Sadhanas

In Ayurveda winter is known as Kapha season, considered to begin in mid November and end around mid March. It is the cold and humid season. Kapha as a season in life is between birth and 14 years, and the time that correspond to Kapha on a daily basis is 6-10 am. A few examples of a Kapha winter menu would be: Breakfast: Soft rice with Mint chutney 1 cup hot apple cider Lunch: Bean and Vegetable stew Mola Hora Pressed Radish Salad Tea: Spice Tea Dinner: cassava Masala Cumin Millet Steamed Brussel Sprouts Dessert: Oatmeal cookie ————— Breakfast: Split Pea Dhal with a Chapati 1 cup hot Chai Lunch: Steamed winter squash (buttercup, butternut, spaghetti) Spicy Roasted Eggplant Cumin and Basmati

Many shades of white

Symbolically the New Year seems to be our one opportunity to start over, to begin again, to have a white canvas. But what if every day we wake up was a blank canvas? What if every breath we take was an opportunity to begin again? What if every shade of white was contained within each single shade? What if we could come to accept that one is all and all is one? What if we find acceptance in the fact that life is not one set thing but that with every breath we have the opportunity to be, to exist with all our 'shades'? Well guess what we can! Taking time to pause, to ponder, to wait, to accept. The endless outward spiral of searching for something to give us a new better beginning, or somethin

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