Lost & Found

I love the idea of having a basket for objects that have gone lost and have been found again. It is such a great analogy of life. How many times have you felt lost and helpless only to slowly one day find out you have found yourself again? Endless times in my life where I thought it was the end, that I had lost my sense of happiness as I knew it only to later find I had an even richer experience of happiness back in my life. Poses... friends... situations these things are always always changing and evolving in our lives. The Body and mind are always changing and evolving. The Nature of things is to transform and evolve. In this process we loose some and we gain some. Hopefully yoga is help

Beetroot Soup

According to Ayurveda February is the beginning of transition in spring for the body. There are sidle changes that begin to happen in the organs that make one feel like it's time to bring on the bitter, more sour tastes of spring. This is your liver and gall bladder talking. They are beginning to try to get rid of the extra fat molecules and mucus accumulated in them during the winter as protection from the cold. The body begins to feel like it's had enough of hearty root veggies, heavier grains and sweet hot drinks and begins to crave more butter greens, lighter drinks. Some people, especially Kapha People, will take a little longer in this process of shedding the winter heaviness. Help you

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