Yoga is not an escape

Yoga is not an escape. Yoga is meant to hold you in the moment so you can sit with all your issues, see them in the face, hear them in your heart, feel the pain, and learn to sit through it all, until one day it breaks and suddenly you are free. The alternative to that is to continue to create enough chaos, noise, business, entertainment to stay numb, until one day you drop dead. The day your body can't keep up with your mind, and your ego, the pain will break you. Choosing to let yourself be broken in a safe space, gradually as you build the needed strength to sustain it is what yoga is about. Practice is for me a moment of reflection, sometimes it's inevitable for it to just be me on a mat

Good Spaces

Sukham means good space. Make the body and the content of your mind a good space. Yoga helped me to transform my mind into a good container for positive encouraging thoughts. The practice taught me what it means to have courage. I remember going into learning some of the intermediate and later some of the advanced asanas having no faith that I would ever come to understand them or see past them. But day in and day out I showed up and learned to fail, learned to continue to try no matter how many times I fell. The constant failure, learning to accept it as part of the process, and allowing it to humble you is a key part of the learning process. Understanding that it's ok to not be perfect, to

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