Green Soup For Spring

"According to the Yoga system, one basic problem disturbs the mind: a compulsion to look outward, rather than inward, for satisfaction. The mind attaches to a sense object, an object of desire- food, sex, money, power, cars, clothes and so on-in the false belief that this object will deliver satisfaction. The experience of happiness that depends on an object will ultimately come to an end. True satisfaction, the state of sattva in the mind, is content and unmoved by desire. A steady practice of turning the attention lovingly onwards will uncover this natural state. Yoga of food is a practice of cultivating love for the body through true nourishment" an exerpt from my friend's Kate O'donnell

Discipline takes practice

Discipline takes practice and effort to build. It's important to see where you put effort to be disciplined in your life and where you lack discipline to put effort. Everything takes effort so it's important to choose wisely where to apply it and to be disciplined about applying it to things that give you prana or life energy and positivity, rather then drain you of prana. Laziness can come quick and the more you give into it the more it begins to sit into your energy field. You can see it manifest in the slugginesh in your mind, heaviness in the body, shortness of breath. These have terms in Ayurveda, and it's worth getting familiar with them so they can serve you as flags that it's time t

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