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Pausing to Appreciate

As I was closing up the last portion of the different practices I'm blessed to hold important to keep cultivating an open heart and a sharp mind, a need to pause arises. In this sweet pause I was able to feel how rich these teaching of yoga are. Not that there was a lack of awareness of that, but do we ever pause to feel not just 'know' how majestic, rich, deep, beautiful, giving, nourishing, intelligent this yoga in all it's forms really is?

I know I think about it but I rarely pause for long enough to feel that, especially when life is so busy. I go through the practices with good intentions and heart but then I move on. That's part of the journey too of course. I offer this thought though because maybe some of you, like me, often check out, go through the motions to keep the flame going. But the flame gets depleted if we don't pay close attention every so often.

It was such a gift to notice the light and the richness of practice this morning and to remember that life is really just a 24/7 we must simplify, we must slow down, we must listen to each other, we must create space for heart feeling...we need this as individuals but as a society. We all have big minds, big egos, big plans...but where is our heart? We all have one, physically and emotionally, and we are all born with the same needs for it's proper maintenance.

Let's use our practices to hold each other well.

Join me in practice locally at Newburgh Yoga Shala or on retreat.


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