Bend Your Body In Order To Bend Your Mind.

In Ashtanga Yoga we begin the spiritual journey to the core of the Self by using the physical body as a vessel to cleanse the way into the true unchanging nature of the Self - Purusha - that is same in each and every one of us. The method we use is Asana. Through asana, we bend the body in very specific ways using a specific type of breathing - ujaya breathing. The combination of movement in and out of postures, or vinyasa, combined with steadiness in asana and ujaya breathing is what allows for the cleansing process to happen. The cleansing fire generated by this combination is called tapas. Tapas is referred to as heat or fire, heat in form of devotion and fire in terms of discipline. The

The Importance of Words

There is no truer saying then this one. Well aside from Pattabhi Jois’s words “Practice, practice, practice and all is coming”. The two phrases combined fully describe the sanskrit word sankalpa. Sankalpa comes from the root words of kalpa which means ‘a way of proceeding’ or ‘the rule to be observed above or before any other rule’ and san which means ‘a concept or idea formed in the heart’. Sankalpa therefore means determination or will, an intention or conviction, vow or resolution, one that reflects your highest aspirations. As Rod Stryker describes it in The Four Desires “It is a declarative statement in which you vow or commit yourself to fulfill a specific goal.”. This brings me to und


I love this fresh summer recipe! When I lived in Spain summer always involved Gazpacho. Here tomatoes are a lot more expensive but it's worth the buy. I make mine with a little Italian spin by adding homemade pesto to it. If you are vegan just add more basil. Here is how I make it: 4 large heirloom tomatoes 1/2 kirby cucumber 1 medium sized red bell pepper 1 large clove of garlic 1 cup of bail (if you don't use pesto) or a hand full of basil leaves (if you use pesto) 2 tbsp homemade pesto 1 tbsp olive oil salt to taste a pinch of pepper when you serve a spoonfull of almond cheese grated on the top, or your can add some avocado Blend all the ingredients (exept the pepper) on high until the de

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