To Be Stable, That Is The Purpose

'The system of Vinyasa is very important' says Sharath. It is important that you pay attention to where to inhale and where to exhale. When the practice is focused on a correct breathing system the mind becomes stronger, more focused. As you continue to use proper breathing with each movement, the inner lifts, or inner locks otherwise known as bandhas begin to engage. I get a lot of questions about bandhas, which is great because once you begin to wonder about it, you can begin to learn. Curiosity. faith and trust are key to the process. As Sharath says 'Life long you will be searching where to hold, everything doesn't come at once. When you were a baby you didn't know how to walk, talk…b

The Right Questions Are Half The Battle In Life

Sometimes we perceive the object of frustration, happiness, sadness, fear, love as a fixed reality. We identify the emotion to one specific thing and the more we close in on that identification the more suffering we create. If on the contrary we can step away and see that we have the freedom to change that notion, that the object and the emotion are not one, we can end suffering. If in that space we can identify the object for what it is then we can transcend the emotion and see the object in a new light. Boxing and labeling things is a human habit. We do it to feel safe and in control, but in the long run this need to know it all, control it all, have it all in some sort of order, ends up t

India, Study & Routine

A continuation of the interview with Balearic Retreat... 5. How many times have you been in India? What do these trips mean to you? Why is so important to keep going there? I’ve been to India the past five years, four of the years I spend 2 months there, last year I took a shorter trip. This is the first year I miss out on going and it has been really hard. Going to India is a time of communion for me. It’s a time of deep reflection ,study and purging. It’s a time to slow down and be a student, it’s really nourishing. It’s been hard to stay away, but sometimes life doesn’t allow, and then you realize even more the importance it has in your life! When I’m in Mysore I reconnect with my teacher

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