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A Food Love Affair

A few of the health guidelines from my ebook, which I personally follow, and will discuss in depth on my upcoming Mallorca Retreat.

Taking care of yourself starts with how you want to feel. How do you want to feel every day of your life, in your body? Once you know that, you can start looking for that feeling in what you do and eat.

As a teacher of yoga I have a lot of contact with the physical body, and I have the opportunity to really get to know it on a daily basis. I find nutrition and yoga are closely related- both help create a connection of the body and mind, both feed it, and both heal it. They are healers when there is imbalance in the body. The subtle body is made up of 75000 nadhis, small and big channels of energy. When things get clogged in these channels it manifests as disease. Yoga and proper food practices help these channels to stay healthy so that energy can run freely within the body. This program is about using food and yoga to revive your health, and unleash the energy that often becomes stuck in the body, creating sickness in the form of imbalance both physical and emotional.

This is an exploration I invite you to take with me. It's a chance to not only get to know your food, but through food get to know your emotions and radically change your lifestyle.

You can eat as well as you want but if your lifestyle is not supporting the changes you make in your diet, it will never last. Take your eating healthy as a practice, let it turn into a routine, and then make it a habit. A habit is something that becomes automatic. Setting a healthy habit up for yourself is the key to leading a healthy life. You do the hard work for an initial period of time and then you start seeing the changes, and once you see the changes any time you veer off the path you will notice the immense difference and you will want to get back on it!

No matter which ‘diet’ you are on - blood type, Zone, Paleo, Cleanse Program, no plan and looking for guidance- the practice of healthy eating comes from clearing the clutter and learning to truly listen to your body's needs. It takes time, and a steady yoga practice. I’ve done my homework and learned all about these eating plans, tried a bunch of them myself, and found these key things to be the recurring staples: whole foods, use mainly vegetables, lean protein, and grains. Avoid white flour, sugar and excess amounts of dairy and cut off caffeine and booze if you abuse them! There you have it! I preach and practice eating real, wholesome food, recipes that will make you feel lighter and full of energy. Preparing food that you can feel exited about, tastes delicious and follows these simple guidelines:

- local (as much as possible)

- in season

- organic

- less is more


- variety in color

- variety in method of preparation: raw, steamed, baked, grilled

- balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat

- drink lots of water

- use spices according to seasons

- fresh produce, grains, beans

- no or small amounts of animal protein

- know your food

- prepare with love

- share with someone you love

I invite you to share all your findings and your explorations.

For this and more join me this coming summer on Retreat, all details here

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