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Focusing the mind

This morning I took time to rest in the awareness that all will work itself out.

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says that the mind takes the form of that which you absorb its focus in. These days it’s easy to focus all our attention in the concerning present conditions and uncertain future. But if we took some of our time away from worrying, and involve it in understanding the essential teachings of Yoga, we could learn to see that what we do on the mat, the asana practice, has the end goal of learning to absorb the mind in the infinite, in the light. Just like we can train our bodies to take all kinds of challenging postures, and with that hold out minds focused on balancing and breathing for an extended period of time, we can also train ourselves to moment by moment take our mind and directed it to an object of inspiration, or a source of light, of goodness, of hope, something that will allow us to continue to cultivate steadiness within. When I woke up this morning and took the time to stare at the Ganesh painting above my bed, I was reminded of the power of deep absorption of attention, the more I stared at him the more light came out through the painting into my mind. When I closed my eyes all I could feel and see was light. Yes, reality still exists but we can choose to continue to recall that light or that image in our minds and allow our actions to stem from that place of stability and serenity instead of from the unstable quality caused by fear and panic that our nervous system generates and becomes fixated on when the mind is absorbed in news and images from the media. I invite you to pick something inspiring, grater then you to absorb your mind's attention in, let it be absorbed by it, something that will inspire you to see the good, to see the light and let that be the guiding force through these times💕


I’m offering online private and group yoga sessions if anyone is interested, please just email me to set it up or receive more info about it. - Still traveling to Mallorca this summer to hold space for a sweet group of women, their partners and or babies. We will spend time practicing, learning, sharing and growing together as a community because that is what we need to go back to!

Join me! 8 spots left.

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