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The process of being

If only we knew what courage it takes to face life on a daily basis we would never grow up. I love how through practice we come to appreciate the idea that everything is a process. We got here through the process of life unfolding and doing it's thing. Every time we step on the mat we are reminded that things don't come overnight, they slowly unfold at a subconscious and conscious level, and when we are ready they happen. I've always been an impatient person, and impatience always gets me int trouble. Because of observing myself on the mat I've learned to see the process that slowly happens inside and builds into an impatient reaction. So I try my best to direct the process towards impatience in another direction. And when I don't I either get injured, make the wrong choice or feel overwhelmed. Like Arjuna in the Mahabharata when he shoots the arrow straight into the eye of the bird. When asked how he managed to aim, he explains how everything that wasn't the eye lost importance, as if disappearing. Just like that we must learn to keep our attention within, and let all the external noise and distractions, be a backdrop To our main point of attention.-

A good way to develop attention is to to stop doing and practice being. To think of yourself as "an eternal witness, as timeless", just watching this moment as a spectator without trying to change it. What is happening? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear? As it happens being the spectator of it instead of the judge, so not labeling the answers but rather just observing and being with what you are experiencing.

When I think about the whole of something, and focus on the end picture of it I feel overwhelmed and defeated before I even begin. I go about the journey feeling heavy and negative. Some of you may relate to this. But then I step on the mat and I'm reminded about the importance of being in the moment with the task at hand. If I can be in a pose for 5 breaths fully present and then transition into another pose and complete that and within 90 minutes be in savasana, with a sense of oneness and completion, then repeat the process daily and find completion daily, I all the sudden feel confident that all tasks of life, no matter the level of intensity are, like practice, a journey, a process, that will come into completion. When I love through this filter like is flawless and I can apply myself fully to the process of ta unfolding. I feel happy, positive and trusting. I feel alive and energized. I don't accumulate objects, relationships, feelings, food, etc. to feel complete, I enjoy those as a means to share the sense of wholeness that I receive from living in the task at the moment. It's a daily practice, and it's not easy. But good things don't come easy :) as my Guru says they require discipline, dedication, devotion, determination! ✨✨✨. Life is in the details

What processes have you learned about through practice? How can you use practice to shine awareness towards your own self? So that you may continue to grow...

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