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Uncovering what we already have

“Uncovering what we already have is like the experience of getting past that cloudy overcast weather and then the sky opens up to the clear blue. The sky accommodates for all of it.” -Pema Chodron I feel like this is what this past full moon eclipse has brought on…a necessary reminder to look at our truth and find a practice that guides us to uncover what we already have inside. The practice of yoga is an act of uncovering and continuously rediscovering oneself. When you step on the mat you are making a conscious, or sometimes unconscious, decision to commit to accept transformation; to leave what you think is and accept the impermeability of being, of life. The more one becomes intimite with the practice of yoga, the more shedding of the unnecessary happens, it’s an inevitable process. This is a natural unfolding of the practice, and it is not always an easy one to accept. As we shed what we don’t need, and the truth starts to shine through we need to be aware of the support that expression of truth requires. The process of uncovering who we truly are needs a lot of external support so that the changes that happen along the process can be accommodated as they come. As Pema says ‘the sky accommodates for all’, there is nothing to worry, as transformation happens life will provide the opportunities to feel supported, it will make sure you have the tools to accommodate what comes. All you have to do is show up. And that is what a spiritual practice is all about.

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