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A little awareness that’s all…

I want to take a moment to share with you a few easy ways you can be proactive about saving our planet. It feels good to take action in the direction of making this world a better place, and it really is not that hard! You start with something small, you make that a habit, then you add another, and so it goes. Before you know it you’ll be leading a wholesome, aware, planet friendly lifestyle… and what is that exactly? a way of living that aligns with the planet and it’s rhythms, a way of living that minimizes waste, pollution and disconnection, a way of living that gives back and is part of a cycle. Here are some of the things I have been practicing for the past year, and it’s thanks to two very special people in my life, who have shown me what it’s like to really care and to take a little extra time, but do things with a little more awareness. Pick one that speaks to you, and that will be easy for you to begin with, then build on it, with no rush!

  1. Buy only what you need: It’s easy to walk into a supermarket and get overwhelmed by all you see. Most of the times our sense organs do the shopping, especially when we are hungry or emotional ;). So make a plan of what you are going to eat, check your fridge then make a list. Buy only what is necessary.

  2. Buy local food: buying local supports the local farmers, keeps you healthy and less likely to get sick, saves on fuel and all of what that symbolizes, minimizes costs, and gets you involved in doing good for your community. I know it can be pricy, but you are paying for the labor of the farmer and the quality of the food. The fact that it’s expensive keeps you buying only the essentials :)

  3. Use a dish towel and a sponge: Save the trees! Dish towels and sponges clean and dry surfaces just as efficiently as paper towel do.

  4. Compost: buy a little compost bin, I got a really cute copper one on amazon, and put your food scraps in it when you are done cooking. When the bin gets full you can put them in a bag and freeze them. Find a farmer market or a garden near you, ask them when their compost days or hours are, and make a point of going one a week or every other week. Trust me you will feel really good about it! Your food waste will be giving back to the soil that is providing you with food…see it’s a big chain of giving and receiving.

  5. Carry a water bottle: I used to go through so many water bottles a day. Not only was I spending extra dollars, but creating so much waste! Buy a canteen that you like, that’s light and easy to carry, and pack it in your bag together with your keys.

  6. Always carry a tote bag: Say no to plastic bags, save the fishes and the sea! Just have a tote bag in each of your bags, make it a habit. Wallet, keys, water bottle and tote bag.

  7. Turn off the water: I always forget this…but you can turn off the water while you brush your teeth and while you soap your dishes.

  8. Minimize: Waste, animal products, leather, gossip, social media, bad habits, violent thoughts, use of plastic… anything in excess just minimize it..exept for love ;P

  9. Get rid of clutter: Every once in a while, lay out all your belongings, try them on and get rid of what you no longer use. Donate them, sell them, just find a way to recycle them, turn the, into something someone else can use.

  10. Use organic soaps: to was dishes, laundry and yourself. Costs a little more but it does a little better for our earth, our waters, our objects and our skin.

These are just 10 of a million things you can do. The recurring theme is that we are all part of a cycle, when your actions align with this natural cycle of life you are providing goodness for the future our planet. It’s important that we as conscious aware beings help our planet heal, support it’s regeneration so it can keep providing for us and the generations to come. Share with me some habits you may have, let’s inspire each other to grow in awareness.

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