KOMBUCHA I love Kombucha...I mean who doesn't love Kombucha. I recently got my dad into it; I actually flew a scoby from the US to Italy so that he could taste it and begin using it. My dad is currently on his second to last round of chemotherapy. Being sick has made him really aware of his overall health and lifestyle choices. I'm really proud of him for that. On my past trip back home him and I sat down together to look at how he could integrate some healthy habits into his regular diet. He has really amazed me. He has taken up fasting with before each round of chemo, he has learned to prepare a daily morning juice, he has cut down on weekly consumption of red meat, given up drinking alcoh

Vegan Vietnamese Pho

Pho is the perfect food for this kind of weather. It's warming, soothing, grounding and so nourishing. I've been trying to fight off a cold, and Pho has been the perfect remedy. It's filled with all sorts of spices and foods that have natural antibiotic, anti oxidants, and anti bacterial qualities. To name a few: garlic, hot peppers, ginger and cinnamon. Here is the recipe I've been using (inspired by Loveandlemons.com). It's simple, takes about an hour total but you don't really need to be on top of it the whole time. I like to set timers, so while I cook I can be doing other things around the house, or just take the time to read, journal, chill....I use it as an excuse to stay put :) I sug

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