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What’s 8 limbs for you?

8 limbs in my practice and in my life…. Asana: a physical practice that i can engage my body into —as i become more aware of my body i become more conscious of the choices i make to take care of it— Ahimsa: i try to treat it with care Satya: i try to listen to it’s rythm and be true to them Asteya: i try to give it reat and proper nutrition, so i don’t steal energy from it Brahmacharia: i try minimize what i buy, eat, consume…u get it..moderation in all Aparigraha: i try to not grasp to an idea of what this is now, so i dont suffer later Saucha: i clean it with world friendly products, i eat healthy food, i keep my living environment clean. santosha- i try to feel ok with what is and what i have, tapas: i make sure i keep the routine of the practice swadhyaya: i get curious of who i am despite this body, ishwara pranidhana: i become curious about what happens in the practice, what is this greater thing i am starting to connect to Then once im comfortable with practicing these one me i extend this to others and the world…and slowly it becomes who i am Watch the video here

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