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Mama Healing Retreat

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“The time has come that every woman may remember who she truly is.

Powerful and yet soft, warm, wise and loving.”


Community is integral to our well-being. When we gather, we are nourished. After a year-plus of limited social interaction and periods of isolation, the human need for friendship has never been more evident.


Motherhood is a complex role that thrives on deep connection, and support from fellow mothers is essential. To bravely share the frustrations and successes, fears and joys, insights and insecurities that arise as we are transformed through pregnancy, birth, and caregiving—this is healing work that can only be undertaken in relationship. 


The pandemic has taken a toll on many of us, myself included. Uncertainty, confusion, and loneliness seeped into my postpartum recovery and first year of parenting. This time of reemergence is ripe for collective processing—the Mama Healing Retreat offers a safe, sensitive environment to do just that. We’ll hold space for one another and whatever comes up, honoring the sacred and the mundane equally. We’ll nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits, and reconnect to our inner stability, equilibrium, and peace.






Join me for a women’s yoga and meditation retreat.

Together we will:


  • Connect with natural rhythms through morning yoga practice, mindful hiking in Black Rock Forest, and evening yin practice followed by meditation

  • Replenish our physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual, and social resources 

  • Engage in womb-healing ritual and fire ceremony

  • Plant intentional seeds for the future 

  • Generate lasting bonds





Day One


Mindful Yoga Flow (with music): Bibi will guide you through a balanced vinyasa-style flow, including both gentle and invigorating asanas. Some experience is required. 



Ideas for the breaks: going home to be with baby and family, eating a wholesome meal, sitting in silence at the river or the park, taking a nap, journaling…


11:30 - 1:30pm

Walking meditation/mindful hike

(I will send a 'how to' outline for virtual mamas)





Sharing circle and womb healing ritual (a ritual purification of the uterus for people who wish to heal menstrual conditions and/or traumas associated with reproductive health, sexuality, pregnancy, and/or birth).


Day Two


Mindful Yoga Flow (to the sounds of nature) 



Walking meditation/mindful hike



Sharing circle with candle fire ceremony

(I will send a 'how to' outline for virtual mamas)




Newburgh Yoga Shala

Hudson Valley, NY

Email me for accomodation options






$190 full weekend pass

$100 one day pass

**$155 full weekend Early Bird Registration

Join us live or virtual!

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