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July 21-23rd

Growing heart farms, ny

With Bibi Lorenzetti & Walker Adams Project

The word Kula means a family of like-minded people who follow similar paths towards reality. Way as in getaway. 

Kulaway is a weekend getaway of a like-minded group of people who share a thirst for growth through yoga, music and mindfully living.

We are exited to pair up with Growing Heart farms for a weekend of yoga, live music, dancing, delicious meals, farming and discussion,

Now more then ever we need to build community and come together with like minded people, to inspire each other, and learn to live a healthy, conscious life, yet remembering that it is important to play, nourish and stick together.

Join Walker and I for this adventure!


All accommodations are shared, pricing is per person.

It is possible to book a full room at full price rate. 

Bedroom 1

2 queen beds

(Price per person per bed, per bed)

$85 + 100 + 55(food) = $240 pp

Shared bed option

$215 pp

Bedroom 2

1 double bed, 1 single bed

$240 pp per bed

Shared double bed option 

$215 pp

Bedroom 3

1 queen bed

$340 pp per bed

Shared bed option:

$250 pp

Bedroom 4

2 queen beds

(Price per person per bed, per bed)

$85 + 100 + 55(food) = $240 pp per bed

Shared bed option

$215 pp

Common spaces

1 single bed, 4 sofa beds, 1 floor mattress

(Price per person per bed, per bed)

$60+100+55 = $200 pp per bed

Shared Bed Option

$185 pp


**tents available on site, please enquire**

One person per tent

$40 + 100 +55 = $195 pp

2 ppl Shared tent

$175 pp

3 ppl share tent

$169 pp


Price includes:

2 nights at the farm

3 meals, prepared with the farm's produce

2 breakfast

2 yoga classes

1 guided meditation

2 nights of live music

tour of the farm

informational talk on farming and sustainable living



Radish Crostinis, Kale & Sunflower Salad, Tofu-Broccoli Quiche (GF & Vegan)

Floral Summer Rolls, Zucchini "noodle" salad,  Garden Lasagna (GF & Vegan)

Parmesan Snap Peas, Roasted Eggplant Salad, Vietnamese Lentil Tacos  (GF & Vegan)


Quinoa black bean salad & chopped feta salad (feta on the side)

Farm fresh wrap bar (including lettuce wraps & with or without meat) & kale salad



Hot oatmeal bar, with fruit, nut, and seed toppings.

Granola & yogurt (dairy or dairy free) with fruit, nut, and seed toppings.

Quinoa kale medley with hard boiled eggs & fruit salad.


Walker Adams Project

Enticing the mind and compelling the booty, Walker Adams Project plays danceable funk-jazz. The Berklee grad and former St. Vincent drummer leads his group of schooled musicians through catchy and original songs featuring infectious grooves, soaring melodies, and blistering solos. 

Bibi Lorenzetti

NYC based Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach. She co-runs the Ashtanga program at the Shala Yoga House and teaches for LIFE Camp. She has been featured in Glamour Italy Magazine and has privately taught many high-profile entertainers and business moguls. Her teaching is rooted in her own disciplined and dedicated practice. Bibi guides her students to use asana as a tool to cultivate a deeper awareness of one's body, a steady mind, and a healthy life.


Growing Heart Farm 

We are conscious young farmers who love the land through the soil and yield nutrient dense food. We follow organic, biodynamic, permaculture and ecological growing principles and practices.

We cultivate 2 acres in the Hudson Valley of New York. We serve under the mission of providing our community with food that is healthy and free of chemicals and pesticides as well as being grown sustainably with mindfulness towards creating minimal waste. We also serve the land and are working towards building a healthy ecosystem for our bees, butterflies, and wildlife.



Jessica and Justin Offerman met on the slopes of Haleakala, HI. They were both there working on farms, Justin, waking at 4 every morning to tend the dinosaur-like flowers known as Protea, and Jessica, learning the treasures of caring for tropical fruit trees and encouraging the friendships between cats, chickens, and ducks. They had both spent previous years farming all around the country, Justin receiving his horticulture degree in North Carolina and Jessica receiving her permaculture certification in California. Collectively they have farmed in 15 states and 21 farms ranging in size of 1 to 80 acres and using permaculture, biodynamics, hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, market gardening, and conventional practices. They have viewed every farm as a school and every co farmer as a teacher and learned many ways of cultivating this great big beautiful planet. They have returned to Jessica’s neck of the woods to bring back their skills and provide the greatest essential to every community; food.


Train Directions

Metro North Train to Harlem Valley Wingdale (Hm Valley Wingdale) Station from Grand Central or Harlem 125

Schedules are here

The farm is a 15 minute walk from the train or we can coordinate a pickup.



Growing Heart Farm

25 Jeans Drive

Pawling, NY 12564

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