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What's the address? 

Rua Salvador Carvalho Dos Santos 7 2540-608

Columbeira, Portugal

Is the studio indoors?

There is a fully equipped Iyengar yoga studio (ropes, chairs, blocks, bolsters etc.), and an outdoor studio with sunroof and beautiful views across the surrounding hills

Is there a swimming pool?

There is an outdoor swimming pool, a big garden with many fruit trees and vegetable garden, a large grass field, several terraces to sit and eat and lounges & wifi


What's the closest airport?


How do I get to the retreat from the airport?

Buddha Retreats is easy to reach by public transport from Lisbon. From the airport you can take a taxi to the Campo Grande bus terminal which is 2.5km away from the airport. There is a taxi stand just outside of the arrival area. From the Campo Grande terminal buses leave frequently to Bombarral (around 45min). You can download the timetable for the buses from Lisbon to Bombarral here:

From the bus terminal in Bombarral it is a 10min taxi ride to Buddha Retreats (€10 weekdays and €12 weekends). We can arrange pick up from the bus terminal in Bombarral.

Should I rent a car?

Yes, if you want to explore and have more independence. 

Auto Europre

Car Rentals


What should I pack?

Passport, Yoga mat optional, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, notebook and pen, chargers, electricity converters, shampoo & conditioner.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, make sure you let us know before you book so we can arrange accordingly. There will be an extra charges for children over 3 who require a separate bed and meals.

My dietary restrictions?

Please make sure you let us know through the initial survey sent out upon registration.

What's included in the price?

Daily morning practice, three afternoon workshops, 2 meals per day, 6 nights of accommodation.

What is not included?

Extra activities, group excursion costs, alcoholic beverages, transfer from and to the airport.

Should I change money to the local currency?


What is the daily schedule during the retreat?

Retreat starts on June 30th @ 4pm

8=10.30 am Daily Mysore practice / Led class for beginners 

11 am brunch

5-6.30 pm three afternoon workshops

7.15 pm dinner

Retreat ends July 7th with a led class and brunch

What are the group excursions?

 One beach outing and one Lisbon outing. 

What are the local attractions to explore?

Please email for suggestions.

What other activities are offered?

- Surf lessons with transportation to the beach

- Day at the beach
- Horseback riding
- Hiking through the surrounding hills

- Visiting the medieval village of Obidos
- Winetasting at nearby wineries (e.g. at Quinta do Gradil)

- Golf courses

email to reserve and more info


Are surf lessons offered?

-  The surf retreat option is available for € 10-15 per person per day (8 to 16 people).

-  When surfing is not a part of the retreat but you want to offer surf lessons as an optional activity there is an option for participants to join a surf lesson for € 35 per lesson and person (if 2-3 people), € 25 (if 4-7 people) and €20 (from 8 people).

-  The surfing option includes all necessary equipment and transfer to and from the beach.

-  All surf lessons are taught by a certified surf instructor.

How can I contact the retreat center to book activities or receive info?

Phone: +351 925 283 912

How can I get in touch with Bibi once there?

Download WhatsApp and add Bibi to your contacts: +1 917.972.6718

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