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What's the address? 

373 3rd Street, Newburgh, Ny

Is the studio indoors? What are covid policies?

Yes. Vaccination card required to participate. 

What are the closest places to stay?

Newburgh, Balmville, Beacon, Gardiner

Should I have a car?


What should I pack?

Yoga mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga bolster, hiking clothes and shoes, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, notebook and pen.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, please let me know if you need childcare.

Where can I eat?

Newburgh: Miss. Fairfax, Bistro, Hudson Taco, Bar Pitti, Bliss Kitchen, Nature's Pantry

Beacon: Kitchen Sink, Homespun Foods, Ziatun, Kitchen & Coffee, Vegetalien​

Where can I stay?

Nicer Airbnb options in Newburgh:


Hotel options nearby:

The Roundhouse

The Dutchess and Spa Inn

Stay on Main

Beacon Bed and Breakfast

Hapton Inn

Some Bed & Breakfast ideas

How can I get in touch with Bibi once there?

Bibi's number: +1 917.972.6718

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