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Our Shala was closed for a few days. I find that sudden, and unexpected things like this, serve as teachings that we need. They shine the light to some of the unconscious, dormant corners of our psyche. It’s so easy to give for granted and complain about what we have, especially if we have had it for a long time. Sometimes you have to suddenly not be able to have it in order to see it’s value again. It’s human to be attached, to give for granted, to complain, to feel unsatisfied, to be hungry for more…it is also human to be happy, to feel exited, to feel grateful, to feel satisfied. All of these are part of the human experience. What we come to understand through yoga is how much these emotions can become what we think ourselves to be. In the practice of yoga we grow the ability to create a space between the feeling and being the feeling. So while all those feelings may be PART of our experience, they by no means need to BE our experience. Overtime these feelings become passing possibilities which overtime loose their power over us so we can experience more evenness in the mind. The aim of yoga is to cultivate sukha(good space) in all that one does and generate a continuous and suddle sense of tusthi (satisfaction or contentment). As my teacher Vigneswar – back in Mysore – says “It is important to cultivate the mentality that realizes it is enough”

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