Time to question our values

On Wednesday night, I really wanted to go into the streets and protest. I felt the need to be in the crowds with the rest of the people that feel anger, sadness, loss, embarrassment,, shame, and fear. I felt the need to express myself as a member of this society, and to do my part by showing up and taking a stand against the outcome of this election. But then I went home and felt guilty. As I sat at home reading different articles and reactions from people around the world, I realized that protesting will not serve to change the outcome of the election. Now is the time to sit and reflect. Sitting and reflecting, I identified that I felt enraged and scared for one of the many groups of people


Yoga is a “re- patterning” practice. We use asana to change the way the body balances itself, by accessing and freeing up the flow of prana (life force) within the muscles, joints and organs of the body. When there is good flow of prana within the body and mind then we can live in a good head space, and in good physical health. We identify, strip down or undo what is already there in form of habits or behaviors and re build new ‘patterns’. It’s not about building one new pattern on top of the other, but rather to take something out and replace it with something new. This process takes time, patience, and devotion. We begin by identifying behaviors or habits (physical or emotional) that are l

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