A little awareness that’s all…

I want to take a moment to share with you a few easy ways you can be proactive about saving our planet. It feels good to take action in the direction of making this world a better place, and it really is not that hard! You start with something small, you make that a habit, then you add another, and so it goes. Before you know it you’ll be leading a wholesome, aware, planet friendly lifestyle… and what is that exactly? a way of living that aligns with the planet and it’s rhythms, a way of living that minimizes waste, pollution and disconnection, a way of living that gives back and is part of a cycle. Here are some of the things I have been practicing for the past year, and it’s thanks to two

Living & breathing yoga

There’s something about practice that requires a lot of discipline and effort. Perhaps this comes natural until it stops coming natural, or perhaps is self imposed and learned over the years, until it becomes natural. It wanes and waxes like everything else and we as practitioners exist in that space between the cycle of waining and waxing. It’s always the same cycle but everyday within that cycle is different. It’s important to keep that in mind as one moves through the phases of practice. To not remain fixed on one idea of practice. What is practice? Practice is the way you live, the way you relate, the way you make life less complex, more filled with ease, more filled with simple joys, mo

What’s 8 limbs for you?

8 limbs in my practice and in my life…. Asana: a physical practice that i can engage my body into —as i become more aware of my body i become more conscious of the choices i make to take care of it— Ahimsa: i try to treat it with care Satya: i try to listen to it’s rythm and be true to them Asteya: i try to give it reat and proper nutrition, so i don’t steal energy from it Brahmacharia: i try minimize what i buy, eat, consume…u get it..moderation in all Aparigraha: i try to not grasp to an idea of what this is now, so i dont suffer later Saucha: i clean it with world friendly products, i eat healthy food, i keep my living environment clean. santosha- i try to feel ok with what is and what i

The Midway

When life gets messy, and my mind begins to feel agitated and pulled in many directions, I remember an analogy my teacher Guruji one gave in one of the conferences in Mysore. He said “life is uncertain. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. In those two stages- up and down- how do you stay stable? Like a carousel with horses. One goes up, one goes down. Then there is a fixed line of horses. That’s the yogi mind. Always stable.” Yoga practice is there to remove impurities and give the body stability. Once the body is stable the mind becomes stable. A focused, steady mind is the aim of this yoga practice. Having a daily yoga practice helps cultivate this steadiness. Once you are establ

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