The inconveniences of being a yogi

Yoga brings awareness. Being aware is not always convenient. Actually most of the time it’s inconvenient. As Dr Svoboda says: ‘Ayurveda is about aligning the outer with the inner. Aligning one’s desires- which tend to be involved with the outer or the exterior, the senses moving outwards and wanting- with deep awareness of what one needs is a learning process’. Just like with asana practice it takes time, devotion, patience, discipline and diligence. It’s a process, and it permeates into everything in one’s life, from one’s food choices, to one’s relationships, to what one chooses to wear, and furnish one’s home with…EVERYTHING! Let me make a food example, as most of us can probably relate

Watching it

Our Shala was closed for a few days. I find that sudden, and unexpected things like this, serve as teachings that we need. They shine the light to some of the unconscious, dormant corners of our psyche. It’s so easy to give for granted and complain about what we have, especially if we have had it for a long time. Sometimes you have to suddenly not be able to have it in order to see it’s value again. It’s human to be attached, to give for granted, to complain, to feel unsatisfied, to be hungry for more…it is also human to be happy, to feel exited, to feel grateful, to feel satisfied. All of these are part of the human experience. What we come to understand through yoga is how much these emoti

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